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Resources for Parents & Students

Parents please review the Student & Parent Handbook.  Policies have been added and others have changed.

Our Commitment to Our Students & their Parents:

Our staff is dedicated to work with you and your child to ensure the most efficient and appropriate methods to educate our students.  We appreciate your support and dedication in the team effort to supporting our community's children.  With your continued support and efforts in becoming an active member in your child's learning, your child has a greater probability of succeeding and becoming an active member of our community.

A friendly reminder:

If you have concerns or questions about your child's education and academic progress; we ask that you to first consult with your child's teacher.  If you still feel unsatisfied after working together with your child and his/her teacher to address these concerns, you may then speak with the school site administrator.  We respectfully ask that you respect the integrity of our community and school district and follow the chain of command. 

Parent and Educator Literacy Resources

New Mexico Literacy Website: This website has been created by the PED Literacy Bureau to support educators and parents on current literacy research for use in K-12.

Common core State Standards: This website provides information regarding the Common Core State Standards currently adopted by the state of New Mexico.

Great Ideas!: This website provides summer reading activities, reading tips, publications, and websites for parents to build children's reading skills.

Student Center Activities/Empowering Teacher Routines: This website provides student activities and instructional routines for use in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms.  http:/