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Mrs. Valerie Trujillo, Superintendent



Questa Independent School District is participating in a Universal Lunch and School Breakfast Program for the current school year (2016-2017). If your children attend Alta Vista, Questa Junior High and Rio Costilla, breakfast and lunch will be available to them at no charge. All students enrolled at this school may participate in the breakfast and lunch program at no charge to them.

Studies have shown that children who are not hungry perform better in school. By providing lunch to all children at no charge, we are hoping to create a better learning environment for our students.

The school breakfasts and lunches that we serve follow U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for healthy school meals. The School Breakfast and Lunch Programs cannot succeed without your support; please encourage your children to participate in the school meal programs. Meals will be served to all students at no charge regardless of the eligibility status.

If you have any questions about the program please feel free to contact us at (575-586-0421).


Parents: FREE tutoring in Reading! Spaces are limited! Please contact the following teachers at their respective sites for more information:

Lorraine Trujillo, Rio Costilla (4 students / Grades 3-6)

Vivian Vallejos, Rio Costilla (4 students)

Margie Jacques, Alta Vista (4 students / 2nd Grade)

Debra Garcia, Rio Costilla (4 students / K-1)

Megan Jenkins, Rio Costilla (4 students - K-1)

Sally Gonzales, Alta Vista (4 students Kinder & 4 students 4th Grade)

Rachel Roybal, Alta Vista (4 students - 2nd/3rd Grade)

Jennifer Vialpando (4 -7th graders & 4 - 8th graders)


Deadline to sign up is August 31st!


Needs Assessment for all QJSH School parents, students and staff.  Please complete survey that apply to you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Ellie Bishop at 586-1604. 


Questa Independent Schools welcomes the following teachers to our district:
Ann Costanza – Special Education Teacher
Carol Quintana-District Wide Nurse
Michelle Gonzales – Elementary Principal
Ray Maestas – Secondary Principal
Julie Ann Pacheco – SPED EA/School Health Asst.
Kenneth Gallegos – Truancy and Dropout Prevention Coach
Rachel Leon – Music Teacher
Brandie Hidinger – 4th-6th English Teacher
Sophia Rodriguez – 4th – 8th Spanish Teacher
Gary Zanes – 4th – 6th Science/Social Studies
Miranda Chavez – High School Science Teacher
Sara Martinez-High School Culinary Arts/Family Consumer Science Teacher
Christopher Padilla Jr. – Varsity Head Baseball Coach
Paul Passino- Athletic Coordinator & Head Football Coach